Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today is as Good of a Day as Any

I am not sure where my running motivation has gone.  Since my disappointing finish in the Mini last May, I have not enjoyed running.  It used to be a great way to have some me time!  I am not a very social runner.  I love music and I find running to be my best time to listen to some tunes and be alone.  I think I need to make some time for myself to get on ITUNEs and find some new music.  Perhaps some new winter running clothes would help as well.

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  1. Here to help you find that running "joy" once again. First step is to remember what you were doing when you did enjoy running - as on my FB post today, for me, it's about stripping down to the basic; no iPod, no watch, no timer, no Garmin, etc. and just go freakin' run! No pressure, no concern for performance, etc. Just run - enjoy the sights, the sounds, the feeling of being outside.