Sunday, January 16, 2011

Becoming Uncomfortable

It was so nice to see many of the BTWG participants in person yesterday.  I spent most of the time alternating between listening and making sure my son wasn't destroying anything in the kids room - his older sister is usually with him and is a great mommy getter so I was feeling a bit more concern than usual!

One of the discussions that resonated most with me was about pushing yourself and how that correlates with our no excuses principal.  I have always been good at making life fun.  It is easy for me to find humor in most any situation and this is a weapon I often find myself using to avoid being uncomfortable.  At the gym, it is much easier to laugh and joke about our sadistic coaches (JUST KIDDING:-)  than it is to go to the place of pain and do what needs to be done to make myself stronger.  At home, and it is easier to eat junk food and watch tv than it is to do the creative work necessary to find some healthy fun.  

I think I am finally coming to terms with one of my major life truths.  I have consistently made the choice to travel the path of least resistance.  Right now, this choice is coming to a head.  In addition to making the decision to join btwg and make myself uncomfortable, I am learning that it will be impossible to spend more time on this path while dealing with the myriad needs of my son who is fighting Autism.  It is time to find a new path and I am grateful for the tools that are being presented to me to assist with the search.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect insight to start the program with tomorrow on Day 1...go get 'um, Anna!